Discover the Different Kind of Loans


The financing market today offers numerous possibilities


Putting Postaloans products in comparison with those of IKL or other credit institutions allows you to have a detailed overview of the most convenient solutions suited to every type of need.


You can indeed find the most advantageous financing to buy a certain good or service, or simply to have the liquidity necessary for our goals. A special form of financing is leasing.

With this method, it is possible to use a “hired” asset by paying a monthly fee for a specific period of time, at the end of which it is possible to complete the purchase by paying the remaining amount.


Car Leasing Loan

car loan


Car leasing , in particular, is a form that attracts many consumers as it allows you to save on the purchase of the vehicle and to change the model according to need. Furthermore, there are no charges for insurance and stamp duty, which are often charged to the lessee.

MNGO Bank has created SCOWK, the car lease to meet the needs of its customers. Thanks to this financing, it is possible to ensure 100% coverage of the expense and a set of complementary guarantees are included in the monthly fee to be paid by the bank.



Among these, the presence of satellite anti-theft devices



The insurance policy and free assistance during journeys by issuing a Scowk Card specifically designed for this type of product. MNGO Bank car leasing is aimed in particular at two consumer categories.

On the one hand, freelancers , on the other private clients . For the latter category, however, the product is not available for amounts under 75 thousand euros, however the free accident insurance is included in the fee.

A possibility to evaluate especially if you need to have a car only for work or if you want to change often model. For any information on this loan, you can go directly to the branch or contact customer service.

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