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“The lowest interest rate in the Netherlands ” appears on our homepage. A claim that we are proud of and that we live up to every day. Because despite the fact that the interest rates are historically low everywhere, you are always a bit cheaper with us.

“But how is it possible that your interest rate is a lot lower than with regular banks? You may wonder.

money with cards

I explain that this week.

100% digital method

We work completely online and digitally. From the application to the signing of the contract: everything is done online. Handy for you, because you can borrow money at a time that suits you. And handy for us, because that way we can switch a lot faster. For example, we often send a customized offer on the day that you submit a request. And we save so many costs, so we can offer you a cheap loan.

Borrow money without advice

In addition to our online working method, we work according to the ‘execution only’ principle. That means that we provide loans without advice. It is therefore important that you yourself have sufficient knowledge of borrowing money and you know the risks of borrowing money. The advantage is that you are not dependent on time-consuming consultations and that we can make you a cheaper offer. You therefore pay no closing and advice costs with us.

Collaboration with partners

Last but not least : we offer affordable loans thanks to our cooperation with specialized partner banks.


Instead of offering a wide range of products, most of our partners are specialized in providing credit to consumers. For this they often only work with specially selected parties such as us. Thanks to this collaboration we both do what we are good at. And all parties save considerably on office, personnel and marketing costs. 


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